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About SanShell Products, Inc.

Since 1988, SanShell Products has been manufacturing quality roof drill bits for the underground mining industry. From the blending of unique grades of tungsten carbide powders to the final assembly and packaging, our roof drill bits are produced from start to finish at our manufacturing plant located in the heart of the coal mining fields in Southern West Virginia.

Our roof drill bits are the highest quality, whether purchased new or retipped. We offer alternate tip styles to meet even the toughest applications. Our tungsten carbide tips are manufactured by our sister company, Tungste-Met Inc., also located in Oak Hill, West Virginia.

In 2008, SanShell Products recognized a need to offer a complete line of underground mining tools. Therefore, we began the manufacturing of miner bits and have been successful in creating an alternative to higher costs.

We take pride in offering a product that is 100% American-made and will continue to invest in the people, equipment, and facilities needed to provide you with the quality products and services you require.

We appreciate your business!

-Sam Jasper